You are currently viewing 30. Getting Black Entrepreneurs into therapy featuring Eunice Blakely

30. Getting Black Entrepreneurs into therapy featuring Eunice Blakely

Are you curious about therapy? Take a listen as two therapists talk about some of the therapy basics. Learn how therapy is different from a supportive conversation, typical presenting problems for Black Entrepreneurs, what happens in that first point of contact with a therapist, and how things unfold in your first official appointment.

Eunice Blakely is a Licensed Professional Counselor with over sixteen years of experience in the mental wellness and behavioral health field. She enjoys facilitating workshops, trainings and seminars to local businesses, churches and organizations. She is also credentialed as a Master Addiction Counselor and is a National Certified Counselor. Eunice works with women in search of peace of mind, happiness, and overall mental wellness. She shares her expertise through counseling, consulting, and keynote speaking. She loves to share passion and lessons learned with women who are striving to live their best lives.

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