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Minding My Black Business ®

Being a Black Entrepreneur can be an emotional rollercoaster. Working for someone else can be hell, so entrepreneurship can bring you a high sense of freedom. Yet, beyond the everyday challenges of just building your business, have you faced self-hatred from Black consumers and had to manage others’ racial biases. In the face of all this, have you felt yourself feeling down? If so, you are not alone.

As a Black Entrepreneur, have you found yourself facing a unique set of hurdles other races don’t and other Black non-business owners don’t understand. If so, you are not alone.

For Black Entrepreneurs and Leaders

Are you looking to find your work life balance in a one-on-one setting or a setting with other mindful moguls. 

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Connect with other like-minded business owners on the path of wellness

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Stand-alone Entrepreneurship coaching vs Standalone Counseling vs Minding My Black Business ®

Stand-alone Entrepreneurship Coaching

Many entrepreneurs suffer from broken friendships and relationships and lonely personal lives. Entrepreneurship coaching helps you grow to be a better business owner by evaluating the exterior challenges that can hold you back from achieving your potential. But entrepreneurial coaching alone, if left unchecked could leave you in a situation where  your personal life suffers while your business thrives.

Stand-Alone Counseling on its own

Stand alone counseling addresses your overall emotional well being. But counselors unfamiliar with the psychology of Black business ownership and techniques to improve our mental health can leave you still feeling like your personal life and professional life are disconnected.

Man-standing | Minding my black business

Minding My Black Business ®

Combining Black entrepreneurship advising and emotional wellness consulting

Bring your worlds together so you can feel connected. When your business world affords you the peace of mind to enjoy your personal life this is what it feels like when you can say 

“I am Minding my Black Business.”