I am done sacrificing my sleep and sanity for my business

Join the Mindful Moguls Program

Join the Mindful Moguls Program if you are done with the work stress, the achievement anxiety and the pressure and the imbalance.

Are you pulling all-nighters, neglecting close relationships, dealing with anxiety, and juggling multiple hats—all while trying to grow your business? Here is where your turning point begins.


Hi, I'm Dr. JaNaé Taylor

Black Entrepreneur's Therapist. Emotional Wellness Consultant. Podcaster.

Dr. JaNaé Taylor is a Licensed Psychotherapist in Virginia Beach, VA, where she owns and operates Taylor Counseling and Consulting Services. JaNaè works with Black men and women who are struggling with harmful self-evaluations. As the Founder of Minding My BLACK Business, Dr. Taylor provides Emotional Wellness consultations to Black Entrepreneurs, in every stage of the game, who are working to balance their mental health, Black identity, and successful businesses.

JaNaé has provided consultations throughout the community with agencies such as: MTV’s Teen Mom: Young & Pregnant, Hampton Roads Black Chamber of Commerce, Hampton Roads Voice Radio Show, Black Wallstreet Today, Shades of Life Coaching Services. JaNae’s expertise has been featured in Money, SHAPE, Refinery29, Cosmopolitan, NBC, and CBS among many others.

As the host of the Minding My BLACK Business podcast, JaNaé continues to make a valued impact on educating Black Entrepreneurs on their emotional wellness. Since the start of the podcast in 2007, the show currently has over 79,000 downloads in 85 countries.

Here’s a secret: Success doesn’t have to be at the expense of your mental health.

As business builders, there’s a psychological price of entrepreneurship that’s not often talked about. That isolation you’re experiencing, the tiredness you can’t shake, the loss of motivation, and not being able to shut off your mind —you’re not alone. On top of everything else, 2020 has been brutal, especially for Black-owned businesses.

This is why it’s so necessary for Black Entrepreneurs to prioritize emotional wellness, reduce business related anxiety, improve those closest relationships, in safe community spaces while increasing that business building confidence.

Today is the day, you can decide to grow and nurture your service based business without sacrificing your mental health.

We will meet weekly for 8 weeks. 


Get 1-on-1 private executive wellness consulting or join the mindful moguls program


Improve your Entrepreneurial self-confidence as you build your dream business

Redefine your ideal work/life balance

Manage your self-doubt

Embrace your Entrepreneurial trials and successes in a safe, exclusive, and supportive community.

MINDFUL MOGULS was Designed For You If:

You are transitioning from employee to entrepreneur

You are growing a service based business

You are dealing an imposter syndrome while being the face of your company

You are experiencing anxiety about being a failure, specifically not being successful in your business

get Access To:

  • A personalized wellness regimen to implement as you business build as you unlearn sacrificing your mental health for your business.
  • A new safe and exclusive community of fellow Black Service Based Entrepreneurs to share your experiences with in a small group setting.
  • Working agreement templates and onboarding documents for when you expand your team, which will help you unlearn thinking you can do it all.
  • Two (2) one-on-one coaching calls with Dr. Taylor and unlimited email support to accommodate your schedule.

Mindful Mogul Wellness Group Program Application

Our program is designed to help Black Service Based Businesses grow without sacrificing sleep and sanity.