You are currently viewing 131. Black Women Will Save the World featuring Dr. Kimber Shelton, Dr. Mahlet Endale, Dr. Michelle Lyn

131. Black Women Will Save the World featuring Dr. Kimber Shelton, Dr. Mahlet Endale, Dr. Michelle Lyn

The weight of the world is heavy these days and Black Women are on the front lines of the work. We’ve been a crucial element of change throughout time and it can feel overwhelming. Take a listen as to how to best balance our desire to make the world better without sacrificing our well-being. 

Dr. Kimber Shelton is a licensed psychologist and owner of KLS Counseling & Consulting Services. She provides psychotherapy, professional consultation, and diversity-related trainings. Dr. Shelton specializes in the areas of cultural competence, ethnic minority and LGBTQ issues, trauma, and relationship concerns. Additionally, she serves as an adjunct instructor in Yorkville University’s Masters in Counseling Psychology program. Dr. Shelton is the co editor of the recently released Handbook on Counseling African American Women: Psychological Symptoms, Treatments, and Case Studies. She earned her PhD in Counseling Psychology from the University of Georgia and MS in Mental Health Counseling from Niagara University.

Dr. Mahlet Endale, is a licensed Psychologist and board certified telemental health provider.  She serves clients in Georgia, Florida, and some countries abroad.  Over the course of her career, she has served as instructor, clinical supervisor, consultant, suicide prevention coordinator, outreach coordinator, and psychotherapist.  She opened a private practice in 2017 and primarily serves adult clients holding intersecting marginalized identities.  Prior to opening her practice,  Dr. Endale worked in university mental health for 10 years in settings ranging from private liberal arts colleges to large research one institutions.  

Dr. Michelle Lyn is a licensed psychologist with experience in a variety of clinical settings, including private practice, collegiate mental health, and veterans’ affairs. She earned her doctorate in Counseling Psychology from the University of Georgia, her master’s degree from the University of Missouri–Columbia, and her bachelor’s degree from Xavier University of Louisiana.

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