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6: I don’t negotiate with terrorists featuring Wanda Swan

Sometimes you need a friend to make sense of things. Wanda shares how to advocate for yourself and create boundaries when recovering from racial trauma.

Wanda Swan is one-part charm and two-parts Black Girl Magic.  When not leaning on a nearby wall telling stories about her childhood in rural Mississippi, free-style rapping in traffic, or actively containing her Black Rage within the creative outlet of delivering atomic petty shade to all things related to and aligned with White Supremacy, she directs efforts to educate future change agents and support survivors of oppression and violence in a higher education setting.​

Wanda is a national NOVA award winner in Campus Victim Advocacy and has accepted that her God-given talent is to sit with the suffering and hold their truths.  She has been embedded in the violence prevention and advocacy movement for nearly 10 years and also understands the importance of achieving a balance between “Activist-Academic-Social Justicey- You-gon-get-this-40-page-proposal-to-create-impactful-change-and-like-it” Wanda and “Ratchet-Aspiring-Twerk-Team-Captain-Eff-Yo-Respectability-Politics-Petty-Black-Fat-Nappy-Feminist” Wanda.  She resides in Atlanta, Georgia, with her roommate, a Pit/Chocolate Lab mix named Hershey Coco Puffs.

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Wanda Swan

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