Learn About the Minding My Black Business Movement ®

Minding My BLACK Business®  is a movement and podcast dedicated to the mental health of Black Entrepreneurs, led by Dr. JaNaé Taylor. The goal is to engage, inform, and support other Black Entrepreneurs as they manage the business of work!

JaNaé started like most wellness professionals, passionate about improving individuals’ lives. But working for the wrong employers constricted her. She didn’t have control over the types of clients she saw, nor the duration. People who didn’t understand the Black experience attempted to suppress her ability to impact the Black student athletes, Black student leaders, she worked hard to help. 
JaNaé’s father passed away tragically and unexpectedly in 2016. She is struck by what that was like for her to receive the call from her mom mid-day while she was in her office in between client appointments. 
In her words, as an entrepreneur, “I was to control how and when I worked, choose my clients and take time off to do self-healing when it is needed.”
Although she expected her world to change, in entrepreneurship, JaNaé found a lot of isolation. The Black entrepreneurship experience was different and had more challenges than other people faced. 

The Birth of Mindfulness: About the Minding my Black Business Movement Genesis Story

These experiences culminated in JaNaé creating and bringing about the Minding My BLACK Business movement and model. From there she launched the Mindful Moguls program. Within these programs, JaNaé created a method to help other Black entrepreneurs balance emotional wellness and their success goals.

132. Selfcare is Non-negotiable

132. Selfcare is Non-negotiable

https://pdcn.co/e/traffic.libsyn.com/secure/mindingmyblackbusiness/MMBB_-_Self-Care_SOLO.mp3 I had a rough week with the business. There were some missteps and plans that failed. After a couple…

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About the Minding My Black Business Movement

about Dr. JaNaé Taylor

JaNaé is an Alabama native and a macaroni and cheese and brunch expert. She is also fluent in sarcasm, a neo-soul lover, and enjoys big laughs with good people. Most importantly, JaNaè is a daughter, big sister, best friend, godmother, HBCU grad, and trying to make a dollar out of 15 cents.


JaNaé is a licensed psychotherapist in Virginia Beach, VA, where she owns and operates Taylor Counseling and Consulting Services. JaNaé works with Black men and women who are struggling with harmful self-evaluations. Wellness Consulting with JaNaè helps them create a more empowered and focused sense of self-aligned with their beliefs and values. JaNaè also provides consultations to Black Entrepreneurs, who are working to balance their mental health, Black identity, and successful businesses in every game stage.


Consultations with JaNaé result in more clear expectations and a greater understanding of managing self while executing their business identity.


About the Minding My Black Business Movement

Mindfulness Resources for Coaches and Everyone

In recent years, Dr. JaNaé shared the MMBB model around cities and states nationwide. As more Black entrepreneurs step into the game, she and the MMBB movement serve as a needed resource to help business owners and professionals balance wellness and success.
In her words, “My purpose is not to help you build a business but to help you remain emotionally healthy while you do.”

With the proliferation of life coaches, Dr. JaNaé has offered to help fill the gap. Life coaches can now partner with Minding My Black Business to give clients the much-needed emotionally healthy guides.

As part of the Minding My Black Business Model, Dr. Taylor encourages people to ask themselves questions to gauge their level of wellness. There are about 50 gauges, but you can get a sense with a sample of a few here you can ask yourself.

Sample Wellness Questions

10. Even though I can’t always put my finger on it, I don’t feel right; I just stay so busy, it’s easy to push past the feeling.
9. I feel like if I were any other race/ethnicity, I wouldn’t experience some of these obstacles.
8. I wish I had other Black people who really understood what it is like to walk in my shoes.
7. I don’t get or don’t feel like I need 8 hours of sleep. That’s time I could dedicate to my company.
6. There are so many things to do, I don’t have time to take care of myself the way I wish I could.
5. My time is not my own. Customer, company, staff demands seem to control me.
4. I work more hours than people who have regular jobs.
3. Even though I work a lot of hours, I don’t see the level of steady regular income I would get from a job.
2. I’m wearing a lot of hats. The weight of everything falls on me.
1. Sometimes, even when surrounded by people, I feel lonely, and sometimes I keep moving just so doubt doesn’t creep in.
0. I am not living the life I envisioned for myself at this time five years ago.

In an incredible act of generosity, Dr. JaNaé and her team created the Mindfulness Quiz so you can see where you are on the wellness spectrum and how the Minding My Black Business Movement could help.