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133. I’m Not in This Alone featuring Andrew Jatau

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I called in my business accountability buddy for this one. In working on business self-care, it’s always a good idea to get support.  Andrew and I discuss what we’ve learned about ourselves in this stage of our businesses and what areas of our selfcare need improvement. We both took the selfcare assessment and implemented strategies in the selfcare workbook to address our selfcare needs. Check out our selfcare workbook!

Guest: Andrew Jatau

Andrew Jatau is a Licensed Professional Counselor and a content creator.  He is the founder of Mylemarks (, an online company that creates interactive digital resources for counselors working with kids and teens.  He is also the Head of Clinical Programming at Hopscotch (, a behavioral tech start-up, where he oversees the development of child-focused digital games and activities.  Andrew also serves as a content consultant and enjoys helping small business owners learn ways to incorporate digital content and products within their businesses.

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