68. Media training basics for Black Entrepreneurs featuring Dr. Renee Sunday

68. Media training basics for Black Entrepreneurs featuring Dr. Renee Sunday

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Are we ready for the media attention that comes with business building? What steps are you taking to promote you and your business? Dr. Sunday gives us points to consider and integrate so that we might be ready for that next media and promotional opportunity.

Dr. Renee Sunday is a dynamic individual who has been ranked as one of the top 100 anesthesiologists in the United States. She is a media mogul and professional who specializes in helping entrepreneurs to Be Seen, Be Heard and Get Paid! Finally, she is also an author and grief counselor who assists those who have endured difficult or life changing experiences (loss of a job, or worse, a loved one). Her unique and proven approaches have been very successful in helping many people to overcome challenges and live and walk in their purpose.

She knows what it feels like to be unsure of the future. She once went from making 100’s of thousands of dollars to nothing in one day. She had to rebuild as an entrepreneur and is now a highly successful one! Now, she travels the nation instructing others on how to take the leap into entrepreneurship, build their dreams, their brand and make money.   Dr. Sunday is the author of various books such as The Real Estate Mandate, The Entrepreneur Mandate, Sunday Grief M.D., 50 Things A Lady Needs to Know About a Car, and others!

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Dr. Renee Sunday

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