69. Authenticity grows your Black Business featuring Bianca Hughes

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Do you trust your gut when it comes to your business decisions? Are you getting caught up in feeling compelled to perform or engage digitally on days or moments when you’re not feeling your best? Bianca highlights how staying true to your voice boosts business.

Bianca Hughes specializes in perfectionism, helping people embrace their imperfections and authentically be themselves. She helps clients work through concerns of self-worth, unhealthy relationships, identity, or feeling overwhelmed. Her approach within therapy is direct but open, meeting clients where they are, providing them freedom to change when they’re ready. She believes in empowering and equipping people with skills, tools, and resources they can utilize for life. In addition, her passion is to eliminate mental health stigmas, which are prevalent within the black community. Bianca is a licensed professional counselor in Georgia, speaker and authenticity coach.

Special Guest:

Bianca Hughes, LPC

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