67. The Power of Journaling featuring Altheresa Clark

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Let’s talk about the power of writing down your worries, goals, and inspiration. For Black Entrepreneurs having a sacred and dedicated space to clear your mind space is crucial. In today’s episode we explore this practice with Altheresa.

Altheresa Clark is the founder of Inspire4Purpose, LLC. She is a licensed clinical social worker, life coach, author and a motivational speaker. She is eager to connect with you and support your journey to PURPOSE! She is passionate about working with people who struggle with mental health related issues, or people who simply need support and motivation to recognize and achieve their purpose. She attained her Bachelor’s Degree at the University of Florida and graduated from Florida International University with her masters in Clinical Social Work. Through Inspire4Purpose, LLC, she is on a mission to contravene the negative stigma our society associates with mental health.

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Altheresa Clark

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