39. Beating burnout through balance featuring Lesley Lanier Smith

39. Beating burnout through balance featuring Lesley Lanier Smith

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For Entrepreneurs, burnout is not only burdensome it can negatively impact our business bottom line. Do you have a solid strategy to address your burnout?  Lesley shares how her passion lead to a business that helps therapists manage and overcome burnout.

Lesley Lanier Smith is a practicing Licensed Professional Counselor in Texas. She has been licensed since 2014 and working in community mental health since 2003. In 2017 Leslie started the Balance Box, due to an absence of information for students and interns outside of what is learned in agency or a practicum setting. She believes that with rise of conflict and emotions amongst our society, while the need for helpers and healers grow, we are not immune to the injustices of the world today.

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Leslie Lanier Smith

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