You are currently viewing 34. How therapists become therapists featuring Deseray Hamilton

34. How therapists become therapists featuring Deseray Hamilton

For those who have ever been curious about how therapists train, take a listen. The road to becoming a licensed mental health professional can be filled with bumps and hurdles. Deseray and I discuss the training involved to provide quality mental health services and she shares her journey.
Deseray is a Registered Mental Health Counselor Intern in the state of Florida, on her journey towards full licensure. She’s a mother, pain to purpose pusher, and entrepreneur!

After having a former clinical supervisor go MIA without signing off on her clinical hours, Deseray was forced to restart her supervision process, delaying her time to become a fully licensed clinician! From this experience, she created Supervision Support. Her company connects professionals seeking supervision with supervisors who are ethically grounded and are willing to mentor, guide, and develop new clinicians who are on their way to becoming fully licensed. Her hope is that what happened to her never happens again and she can build a community of mental health professionals who are passionate, honest, and committed to bettering the field.

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