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29. Self-care as a Means of Survival featuring Lauren Elliott

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Black Entrepreneurs it’s time to check in. How many of us have a self-care regime that supports our schedule and needs? As we juggle more roles in our daily lives and transition into and out of roles we need to ensure that we are replenishing. Lauren shares her story and solution to making self-care a priority.

Lauren Elliott is a former journalist and became a holistic health advocate after she experienced an emergency delivery of her son only eight months after getting married. As a child, Lauren was drawn to storytelling and entered a creative writing contest at the age of 8. She eventually won that contest along with a spot on the front page of her school’s newsletter, which fueled a passion and curiosity for shedding light on communities who’ve gone unheard. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Digital Media and Women’s Studies from the University at Albany and Master’s degree in Public Affairs Journalism.

Now, she spends her time connecting millions of New Yorkers to healthier lifestyles by day while offering millennial women of color a practical approach to self-care as Founder of CandleLit Box. Giving birth motivated her to turn a fearful experience into a mission-based subscription service that eases the process of setting aside time for personal wellness prior to crisis situations. Through monthly delivery of books, candles, tea and wellness products, Lauren helps Black and Brown women manage their stress during major life events – whether it’s college, promotion or motherhood.

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