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21. Navigating communities: Digital and beyond featuring Lakiesha Russell

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Mental health podcasts are becoming digital waiting rooms for potential clients. Lakiesha teaches us how these podcasts help communities learn more about mental health and get familiar with how therapist think. Lakiesha leads us through how she has engaged her communities in sharing more about the benefits of participating in therapy and improving their mental health.

Lakiesha is a mother of 2 great children whose passionate about serving the community by helping to dispel the myths about mental health and therapy. Lakiesha is a Licensed Professional Counselor who wears many hats including having a private practice, The Evolving Chair Counseling and Consulting Agency and a podcast entitled The Evolving Chair Podcast.

She’s a speaker, author and coins herself the Child and Family Expert. Lakiesha has always dreamed of having a practice within her community that makes therapy services accessible and affordable. She inspires and empowers her clients to EVOLVE into their best self to live their best life. So when you’re sitting in front of Lakiesha be prepared for her to ask you the famous question, “Are you ready to leave the chair better than you came?”

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Lakiesha Russell

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