105. Online Counseling for Black Entrepreneurs featuring Melissa Douglass

105. Online Counseling for Black Entrepreneurs featuring Melissa Douglass

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Online counseling is a growing and thriving option for Entrepreneurs who are interested in investing in mental health services. The flexibility and adaptability of this is ideal for our demanding lifestyles. If you’ve been curious about how to start online therapy, Melissa educates us all.  

Melissa Douglass is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and Board Certified Tele-Mental Health Provider whose goal is to merge quality mental health care and technology to advance communities through wellness. She is the founder of Goal Driven Counseling, a virtual group private practice, where the team supports individuals experiencing challenging life transitions and mental health concerns completely online through secure video conferencing. Melissa also coaches busy professionals on how to prioritize self-care and personal wellness, she consults with other mental health professionals and organizations on how to incorporate tech based services in their practices, and serves as an Adjunct Professor where she teaches a graduate level course on integrating technology and social work practice at the University of Missouri-St Louis. 

Melissa is passionate about self-care, normalizing mental health by increasing access and decreasing barriers, and is an advocate for community-based education. To date, she has shared her knowledge with platforms such as National Public Radio, Blackdoctor.org, KPLR News Channel 11, the National Association of Social Workers, and various other conferences, podcasts, and trainings. As she wears many hats, Melissa asserts her most rewarding role is lovingly that of wife and mom of three incredible individuals.

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Melissa Douglass LCSW-BC-TMH

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