You are currently viewing 53. Wearing MMBB with confidence featuring Dr. Tavari Taylor Brown

53. Wearing MMBB with confidence featuring Dr. Tavari Taylor Brown

Are you living life? In this episode we explore what it means to confidently Mind your Black Business. Dr. Brown shares how this is exercised in her connections with others, business building, and self-reflections. We also learn about her experiences when she wears her MMBB merchandise. Take a listen as we learn about to practice what you preach in your entrepreneurial journey.

Dr. Tavari Brown is a health educator, licensed professional counselor, and counselor educator. She owns and runs an Atlanta based private counseling practice and is an adjunct professor. Dr. Brown works with couples, individuals and families to empower them to take positive steps toward a more fulfilled life. She believes that change comes with an actionable plan, accountability, and positive reinforcement. Dr. Brown has successfully supported individuals through various difficulties and life changes. Her clients walk away from our sessions feeling empowered and more confident in their decision-making processes.

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Dr. Tavari Brown, PhD, LPC, MPH, MS, CPCS





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