45. Making wellness a priority featuring Dr. Lisa Folden

45. Making wellness a priority featuring Dr. Lisa Folden

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Are there any Entrepreneurs out there who keep making promises of making healthier life changes? Does it seem impossible to make healthier changes with the demands of entrepreneurship? Dr. Folden provides some guidance on user-friendly ways to integrate wellness daily.

Dr. Lisa Folden is a licensed physical therapist (PT) and naturopathic lifestyle coach who owns and operates Healthy Phit Physical Therapy & Wellness Consultants in Charlotte, NC. She helps clients of all ages recover from injury and achieve personal health and happiness. Originally from Detroit, MI, Dr. Lisa has more than 10 years of experience as a PT and five years as an entrepreneur. When she is not working, Dr. Lisa enjoys reading, exercising and spending time with her family and close friends many of which are also entrepreneurs.

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Dr. Lisa Folden

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