You are currently viewing 25. Falling in love with your purpose featuring Dr. Eve Hudson

25. Falling in love with your purpose featuring Dr. Eve Hudson

Happy Valentine’s Day, family! Purpose is our guiding force in all things, and for Black Entrepreneurs purpose is part of the ground on which we stand. Purpose means that your vision for your business is possible. Dr. Hudson reminds us how to reacquaint ourselves with our purpose.

Dr. Eve Hudson, also known as The Purpose Professor, is a proud native of Charlotte, North Carolina. She is the oldest of three and was reared by a single mother in a low-socioeconomic household. She went on to become a first-generation college student and earned a Ph.D. at the age of 28.

After years of professional service in higher education, she “took the leap” and began her entrepreneurial journey. Learning to take her passions and turn them into profitable endeavors, I established The Purpose Professor Limited Liability Company and have line of apparel known as Purely Dope.

As the author of 1865, she opens up about facing adversity and navigating the complexities of transitioning into adulthood. The creator and host of The Purpose University Podcast, she encourages listeners to create their best life and be their most authentic self. Giving back to the community, she founded a nonprofit known as the The Resilient Scholars Foundation. Realizing the importance of being resilient, intentional, and authentic, she is on a mission to help others create their best life through personal transformation.

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Book, 1865

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