You are currently viewing 26. Demonstrating authenticity featuring Diamonde Williamson

26. Demonstrating authenticity featuring Diamonde Williamson

Entrepreneurs does your business reflect your goals and values? Have you created a business that is alignment with the aspects of life that you most treasure? Diamonde reveals the ways in which she creates a business lifestyle that provides balance and nurtures her passion.

Diamonde Williamson, an Atlanta native who began her career as a freelance producer, is now creating such a space for herself and other women of color in digital media. She’s also committed to creating opportunity for female entrepreneurs, girl bosses, and creatives. After working for television networks such as OWN, VH1, USA and WE Tv, as a producer, Williamson made it her mission to redefine what we know as reality TV by building a customized experience for women of color to share their voice and enjoy the voice of their peers at Blossom. Diamonde describes Blossom as a digital television destination for women of color.

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Diamonde Williamson


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