You are currently viewing 121. Graduate Student Mental Health featuring Dr. Marvette Lacy

121. Graduate Student Mental Health featuring Dr. Marvette Lacy

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Marvette started her business as a doctoral student who was looking for more freedom outside of the confines of the ivory tower.  She wanted a life where she could design her days on her terms while doing work that she loved. Marvette now owns a multiple six-figure business and lives in Wheaton, IL with her adorable puppy, Sir.

Graduate school, professional school, medical school will take a toll on your mental health. It can even seem impossible to imagine life once you have your degree. Dr. Lacy shares her story and how she’s helped others craft healthy Black businesses.   

Dr. Marvette Lacy is the founder and creator of Happy, Free, and Paid where she helps women of color finish their dissertations and build a six-figure business while expanding joy and peace in their life! You can usually find her with a cup of coffee, listening to Beyonce, and planning her next adventure. 

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