76. The emotional challenges of day-to-day business building featuring Latricia Clark Letsinger

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Are we destined to be Entrepreneurs? Latricia shares how she fulfills her destiny and the triumphs and challenges she’s met along the way. This episode is filled with smart and savvy ideas about how to stay encouraged and brave day to day.

Latricia Clark Letsinger is a wife, mother, and Gigi from rural North Carolina who always had a passion for fashion. She has long been donned a Fashionista; receiving Best-Dressed superlative honors in both High School and College. Studying Business, Fashion, and Retail Management sparked, even more-so her love of clothing and desire for her own business.

Latricia believes in the power of “writing your vision and making it plain.” Over 15 years ago, while caring for a paralyzed and incapacitated mother, she named her business and perfected her business plan. This was the conception of what it is now, Elegant Occasions Limited LLC the world’s first and only mobile formal wear boutique that she began with her husband. Latricia sits at the helm as Chief Executive Officer and Chief Operating Officer.

In August 2018, Latricia published her first edition of Designing Women Magazine. Having experienced tough times as a child and throughout adulthood, she wanted to create a platform where she’d divulge her lifelong struggles and pains in hopes of helping someone else dealing with issues of their own. Latricia began writing in high school and continued throughout college. She would journal her experiences, which ultimately, led to her creating poetry. She always felt destined to publish, and her peers encouraged her to write a book. Designing Women Magazine is Latricia’s creative heart to women all over the world; her way of rallying others to find their “WHY” in life that leads to living their best lives!

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