62. Doing self-care right featuring Delaney Outlaw

62. Doing self-care right featuring Delaney Outlaw

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Self-care is not a trend. Self-care is necessary maintenance for Black Entrepreneurs. Delaney shares her experience and perspective on why self-care is mandatory and how she helps Black Entrepreneurs attend to their mind, body, and soul.

Delaney Outlaw is and has always been an educator. Her career started 10 years ago as a public-school teacher and found its way into the service industry as an owner of a full-service spa. At VSB Spa & Wellness, Delaney uses her extensive degrees and certifications to provide self-care services to adults throughout the Hampton Roads area. These services include massage therapy, vaginal steaming, detox services and spa treatments such as facials, body wraps and waxing. Delaney’s own personal journey lead her to holistic practices and entrepreneurship to spread knowledge and healing to her community.

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Delaney Outlaw

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