40. Creating a community that supports and challenges you featuring Janay Brown

40. Creating a community that supports and challenges you featuring Janay Brown

Some of us have been drawn to entrepreneurship early on in life. On this episode we get the wisdom of an Entrepreneur who has followed her passion while receiving the full support of her community. Janay shares how she leans on her community throughout her entrepreneurial journey.

Janay Brown is a rising Senior at Old Dominion University studying Marketing. She has always had a passion for innovation and food, so she decided to combine the two and came up with a unique business – Full Belly Delights, LLC. She wanted the company to represent the beauty of handcrafted treats and ensure that she stays in the gourmet lane as she did it. Janay feels it’s a wonderful feeling seeing people enjoy the creations you’ve put your heart, soul, love, and time into. As the CEO and owner of her business, she promises to ensure that she listens to her customers’ needs and wants and capture that in each bite of all the products she produces.

Special Guest:

Janay Brown

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