You are currently viewing 36. We’ve got to take care of each other featuring Brett Hewitt

36. We’ve got to take care of each other featuring Brett Hewitt

No one should approach entrepreneurship without the wisdom and connection from others. This episode I get the wisdom of a local entrepreneur who has been in business for 22 years, and is seen as a staple of our community. Brett teaches us what he’s learned and continues to learn in how to build a sustainable business that positively impacts your community.

Brett Hewitt’s life’s journey was changed when a stranger walked up to him and handed him a book to read, Visions for a Black Man by Dr. Na’im Akbar. While Brett was volunteering in a mentorship program, he realized how important it was for us to learn our history and culture and be proud of who we are and later he became a public speaker at local schools, prisons and churches.

While traveling to bookstores throughout the United States, Brett couldn’t find literature that pertained to the Black struggle, the large bookstore chains, who had Black literature sections, would put it way back in the back. He thought it was a disservice. Those observations provided the spark for his business, Positive Vibes, which he started in 1992 by selling books from the trunk of his car.

In July 1996, he opened his first brick and mortar store in Virginia Beach, Virginia. Through word of mouth, and plenty of community support, he’s proudly celebrating 22 years in business.

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