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12. Time is Money Featuring Dalerie Moore

All businesses have a lot of moving parts. How are you doing at managing your time?  How do you get a return on your investment?  How do you know when it’s time to take on more risks your business? Dalerie answers this and more, take a listen.

Dalerie is a proud native of the southern sector of Dallas, Texas. Although her childhood home was filled with love my neighborhood was the city’s dumping ground for hazardous waste. As a young child, she remembers wondering why her neighborhood had a certain unpleasant stench and a thick cloudy green substance in the air. At the time, she didn’t know the cause but she knew it was unfair.

As a graduating senior from Tuskegee University, she used that experience in her personal statement to gain acceptance into Thurgood Marshall School of Law School. Although she did not pursue a career in environmental law, she has a heart for helping those who are unable to help themselves. She had the opportunity to serve as a prosecutor at the Dallas County District Attorney’s Office for eleven years in the criminal trial division. She worked with hundreds of victims and the family of victims of violent crimes. 

She was also an adjunct professor in the paralegal studies program at Kaplan College. She recently started my law practice over a year ago. Her primary area of practice is criminal defense; however, she has ventured into estate planning as well. Being an entrepreneur was a dream, she always wanted to fulfill.

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