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86. Surviving Personal Tragedies featuring Arleigh Hatcher

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Surviving Personal Tragedies in Entrepreneurship featuring Arleigh Hatcher

Life moves on despite what tragedies may be in store for us. As a business owner, how do you manage and keep things afloat. Arleigh shares her story and provides strategies for survival and success.

Arleigh Hatcher is a devoted mom, serial entrepreneur, author and is redefining the field of nursing while building brands that support the community and positively impact the lives of others in the process. With the opening of her Heart to Heart Career Training Center, she and her staff enable men and women to gain expert, certified career training in the medical field. As a champion for quality health care for expectant mothers, Arleigh along with her family opened Peek of Joy 3D Ultrasound & Spa which serves as Williamsburg, VA’s only ultrasound clinic. Pregnant mothers can identify and celebrate the gender of their child, be pampered with spa services and even take educational classes to prepare for birth and life after baby arrives.

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Arleigh Hatcher, BSN, RN




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