82. Women’s Health and Entrepreneurship featuring Nia Spicer

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As Female Entrepreneurs we often do we find ways to prioritize other things above our own health. How does Entrepreneurship distract us from listening to our own bodies? Nia gives us tips on what to look out for and how-to better advocate for our wellness.

Nia Spicer is a registered nurse specializing in Labor & Delivery and Cardiac Nursing and owner of phembiotics. pHembiotics™ is a women’s health company that offers natural solutions to optimize vaginal health and pH balance. pHembiotics™ is designed to provide women with natural alternatives to balance vaginal pH and maintain healthy vaginal flora. Their mission is to help women find peace and balance with their vaginal pH and flora, while providing sustainable solutions for Bacterial Vaginosis (BV), Yeast Infections and UTIs. Nia’s goal is to educate women and rebuild their confidence by implementing holistic yet scientific based solutions.

Special Guest:

Nia Spicer

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