79. The Role of Mentorship in Entrepreneurship featuring Reneldo Randall

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As business builders do we make space to gain wisdom from Entrepreneurs we admire? How do you find a business mentor, what qualities are most important? Perhaps you are in a position to mentor others, how do you begin that process. Reneldo teaches us all about how to navigate the world of mentorship in this episode.

Reneldo Randall, MBA is a dynamic and savvy authority on successful leadership in advancing human and intellectual capital. He is a big-picture visionary who has the ability to understand how daily operations shape results and goals.  As a motivated achiever, he is recognized domestically and abroad for combining excellence, integrity, and innovation with best practices and “common sense” to achieve immediate and long-term goals.  As a Higher education administrator, adjunct professor, consultant, manager and social entrepreneur, he is an effective manager of people. Reneldo is gifted in uniquely assimilating information and skillfully delivering it with greater value!

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Reneldo Randall

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