72. Tailoring your business to a Black Audience featuring Lisa Phillips

Representation matters. As Black Entrepreneurs we may find that our audience may be comprised of people that look just like us. What ways are you catering and considering your audience? Lisa gives us solid advice on how to prepare for and maintain our ideal audiences.

In the recession of 2009, Lisa Phillips lost her job and home to foreclosure. She was left with a 35k condo and only enough money to renovate the place doing the work myself to stretch my unemployment check. She reached the bottom; an electrical engineer with no job. Coping with my new reality, she came upon a strategy of owning inexpensive rental properties for cash flow that was possible, even when a traditional mortgage wasn’t obtainable. As her strategy started to show consistent results, she started teaching others about it on her platform Affordable Real Estate Investments.

Now, Lisa hand walks working professionals through creating their own passive income portfolio to $2,000 – $4,000 a month in income, which gives them the starting point to financial freedom. From there, Lisa always encourages her clients to think about what happens after they reach their target goals, and what their higher calling is after using properties as a tool to make that dream a reality.

Special Guest:

Lisa Phillips

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