119. Managing Your Anxiety While Crisis Proofing Your Business featuring Cornell McBride, Jr.

This pandemic we’re in may have created a crisis point within your business. There are systems you can have in place to overcome not just COVID19 but any crisis that may threaten your business. This pivot can be stressful to execute and maintain. Cornell teaches us how to make successful moves.

Cornell McBride, Jr is an award-winning Entrepreneur, motivational Business Speaker, and Media Guru. He serves as the visionary and President of McBride Research Laboratories. Cornell’s contributions and leadership of MRL have led to the innovation of many products within the company’s primary lines, Design Essentials ® Salon System and Design Essentials Natural, which have made MRL renown for being a global leader in manufacturing hair care products for both salon professionals and multicultural consumers for nearly 30 years.

Special Guest:

Cornell McBride, Jr.

Website:          https://www.cornellmcbridejr.com/

Facebook:        https://www.facebook.com/cornellmcbridejr

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Twitter:           https://twitter.com/cornellmcbridej

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